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This page provides information on how you can view this website translated into different languages.

This website is provided in English by Moyle District Council.

This website can be viewed in English, plus 11 other languages by using the free facilities provided by Google and AltaVista.

Please select the required language and the website will be translated. Please allow for a brief delay as the translation takes place.

Available Languages:

French/ Français

Translate the website into French

Translate into French

German/ Deutsch

Translate the website into German

Translate into German

Dutch/ Nederlands

Translate the website into Dutch

Translate into Dutch

Spanish/ Español

Translate the website into Spanish

Translate into Spanish

Italian/ Italiano

Translate the website into Italian

Translate into Italian


Translate the website into Portuguese

Translate into Portuguese


Translate the website into Greek

Translate into Greek


Translate the website into Russian

Translate into Russian


Translate the website into Japanese

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Translate the website into Chinese

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Translate the website into Korean

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Displaying other languages through your web browser

If you are trying to display a webpage which is written in another language and the correct characters do not automatically appear (often indicated by square boxes instead of the correct characters) then you need to update your web browser with the appropriate language support files.

If you are using Internet Explorer you need to go to View > Encoding > More and then select the language that you need.

If support for this language is not already installed on your PC a box will appear asking you to download the relevant files from the Microsoft website.

You should do this and they will normally install themselves on your PC although sometimes you may be asked to put your operating system CD in the CD drive as well.

You may need to restart your PC.

If you are using a Netscape browser you will need to go to View > Character Set and select the language that you need.

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