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Magic Moyle Biodiversity

Biodiversity is the amazing variety of life on earth, animals, plants, fungus and even people!

It is fundamental to our daily lives providing us with all our food, much of our raw materials and many of our medicines.

Do you know about the magic Moyle biodiversity?

Moyle is a fantastic area for some of Northern Ireland’s Priority Species.

Meadow Crane's billThe Meadow Crane’s – bill ( Geranium pratense) known locally as the “Flower of Dunluce" is found in several sites in Moyle and after a survey carried out in the summer of 2008, it appears to be increasing in numbers.

Meadow crane’s - bill

Moyle has a great coastline which is superb for viewing cetaceans (whales and dolphins) and of course it is an important breeding site for many important seabirds such as the iconic puffin.

Apart from the puffin, both Rathlin and nearby Sheep Island are very important breeding sites for species such as fulmar, kittiwake, guillemot and razorbill.


If you are interested in sightings of whales and dolphins in the area have a look at the Irish Whale & Dolphin Group website to see the most popular sighting locations

Bottle – nosed dolphin

Back on dry land, Moyle is one of the last areas where the native red squirrel still lives without the intrusion of the North American grey squirrel.

There are dedicated groups of people all over Northern Ireland who work tirelessly to protect these timid little creatures. Find out more about some of them and the great work that they do by clicking here

Red Squirrel
Red squirrel

To protect the future of habitats and species in Moyle, the council have employed a Local Biodiversity Officer.

Initially an audit of the status of all habitats and species will be carried out to establish a baseline from which action implementation plans can be drafted.

One of the most important wildlife conservation tools is to establish populations of species within an area. In Moyle we are looking for the public to help us record sightings of red squirrels and unfortunately, if necessary, grey ones too.

Click on this link and you can download a Red & Grey Squirrel recording card.

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